Friday, May 27, 2011

You Are The Greatest Thing About Me

Jordan's Point of View

Casey and I went back into the airport after getting rid of LC. I grabbed our bags and we were on our way back to see Sid. Night out on the town with my amazing girlfriend and one of my best friends? Hell yes. Everything was finally coming together the way it should be.

I felt so bad for Marc. First Morgan and now this with LC. Both Marc and Sid deserved an incredible woman like I have with CJ. I had to call Marc. He had to know the truth even though it was painful. Even though we scrap around with each other (from birth, and besides it was Marc who was the one who always started it) we are always there for each other. It was going to be a difficult phone call, but one that needed done. I think CJ should be there when I do this. I honestly don't know how Marc will react and that is scary to say.

"Come on Staalsy. CJ and I don't have all day!" Sid whined at me.

"Oh, yeah. Sorry guys." I hadn't even noticed that I had been standing with Sid's car hatch open contemplating about Marc.

"Babe, lets unpack all of my stuff when we get back to your place!" CJ said.

"Sure thing boo!" I said sliding into the backseat with her in Sid's car. I gave her a quick kiss and we were ready to go.

Sid started blasting his rap, attempting to stay with the beat. I tried my best to hold in my laugh, but I could tell CJ was about to burst at the seam. I started rapping along with Sid and CJ couldn't take it any longer.

"Do you two do this all the time?!" she yelled out so we could hear.

"OF COURSE!" we shouted back. I took CJ's hand and gave it a kiss.

"It's a good thing I love you two nerds!" she said laughing.

"Wait so now I'm a nerd?" I said making puppy dog eyes at her.

"Does it sound better if I say you're an adorable nerd?" CJ said making puppy dog eyes back at me.

"I guess it is better than just a regular nerd" I said laughing.

We arrived back at my place and started to unload the back of Sidney's car. Most of Casey's stuff would arrive in a few days.

"Thanks again for getting us Sid."

"Hey its no problem man. I'm glad to see you guys this happy." Sidney said.

"Sid, we want you to be happy too!" CJ said. "What time do you want to go out tonight with us?"

"I don't know 9, 10? It's up to you two."

"Alright 10 it is! You're going to have a blast, you won't know what hit you!"

"If you say so! I'll see you later." Sidney said as he got back into his car.

CJ and I both shouted bye back to Sid as he pulled out of the driveway.

"So are you ready to make this place ours babe?" I said to CJ pulling her in closer to me.

"Of course! Finally a place all of our own." she said looking up into my eyes. I picked CJ up and carried her inside. Her bags were at the bottom of the staircase so I started carrying them upstairs to the bedroom. CJ stayed in the room starting to unpack them as I brought up the the last couple bags. We finished up fairly quick so we laid back and put on The Office.

"Thanks for everything, Jordan. You are so sweet babe." CJ said as she kissed me while pulling herself up on top of me.

"You're the best girlfriend I could ever ask for boo" I said continuing to kiss her passionately.

I pulled off her clothes as she took off mine. We made love until we collapsed into each other's arms. All that I need was right here, nothing else mattered anymore. We fell asleep for a few hours until we heard a phone go off. Of course it had to be my phone going off.

"Umm hello" I answered.

"Jordan!" damn, Eric's voice was way too loud.

"What's up?"

"Oh just checking on you two lovebirds. Everything settled in down there?"

"Pretty much, the rest of CJ's stuff is coming in a few days. How's Raleigh?"

"Well that's good to hear. Oh you know how it is, same old same old."

"What are you guys up to tonight?" Eric asked.

"I'm thinking about getting us a pizza then we're going to the bar with Sid."

"Pizza and beer? Now that sounds excellent!"

"I'm living the dream now that my lady is here with me."

"Oh I can imagine! So I heard about the whole Sid-LC-Marc situation. She called the house and apologized to Marc."

"Really?? How did that go?"

"LC told Marc what had really happened between her and Sid, and that she was sorry for misleading him on."

"Is Marc alright?"

"He's bummed out, but that's to be expected. Poor guy."

"That sucks so bad. He'll find someone, hopefully not a skank this time."

"Yeah exactly. Well you two have two have a fun night. Talk to you later."

"Alright bye Eric." I said as I closed the phone and set it down.

"How's Eric babe?" CJ asked.

"Pretty good, he told me that LC called Marc apologizing for the whole situation."

"Oh good lord. Well at least she is gone now."

"Good lord is right. Do you want me to order a pizza for us?"

"That'd be great babe. I'm going to go get changed while you do that."

"Okay babe!" I said as I picked up the phone again and went into the kitchen to find the menu for Vocelli's. About five minutes later I was back upstairs looking for CJ.

"Ta-dah! Like my outfit, Jordan?" CJ asked.

CJ came out wearing a black and white top with a short black skirt and heels. Anything she wore looked gorgeous.


"You look absolutely amazing, CJ! We're going to have so much fun tonight!" I said running up to her giving her a kiss.

"You should invite everyone! I'd love to meet them all!"

My girlfriend wants to meet all my teammates? This could only lead to one funny as hell night.

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