Wednesday, July 13, 2011

No One Compares To You

Jordan and I were just pulling into the driveway when I got a text.

1 New Text:

Marc and I are back together :)

"Babe, Marc and Morgan are back." I said with a smile on my face.

"Thank god. I'm glad they kissed and made up."

I decided to text Morgan back before Jordan I started setting out some food before our friends came over.

Really glad to hear that! Jord and I want you guys to come down this weekend!

Morgan and Marc had started dating since what feels like forever. Well ever since she had become my step-sister. Jordan and I headed upstairs where we got changed into our swim gear. We went backstairs and started filling a cooler with some beer. Jordan started throwing some hot dogs on the grill while I went back upstairs. I decided to fix up the spare bedrooms so that they could all just stay over for the night.

2 New texts:

We'd love too!!! I'll call you later!

Jord <3

Come back down, I miss you beautiful.

Now that made me laugh. I had only been gone for like ten minutes. I went running down the stairs to go see him.

"BABE!" I yelled out.

"Yeah boo?" he looked over to see me standing at the doorway.

"I'm back you silly man." I said walking over to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck while he held me against him.

"What were you up to?"

"Ohh just fixing up the rooms for everyone to stay in."

"That's a great idea! I would have just made them sleep on the couches." he said laughing.

"Oh Jordan." I said looking up into his bright blue eyes.

"What?! It's true!" he said giving me a kiss.


"I'll show you lazy!" he said pulling me in closer to him.

"Oh really, now?" I stuck out my tongue to tease him.

"Why yes." he said capturing my mouth into his. Things got aggressive really quick. His fingers were grasping for my shirt as mine were for his. I managed to get his shirt off, while mine was about off when the doorbell rang. They were here, already. I ran to the door to let everybody in.

"Hey guys!" I said swinging the front door open.

"Hey CJ!" Rachel leaned in and gave me a hug.

"Hey Trista!" I said giving her a hug as well.

"Come on in!" Jordan said coming from behind us.

Rachel and Trista came in as Tyler and Marc Andre followed behind with cases of beer.

"Didn't you two think we'd have any?" I said giving them both a hug.

"The more the merrier!" Flower said high-fiving Jordan.

"Boys" Rachel and Trista sighed as I began laughing.

"Come on girls. I'll show you where you can get changed into your suits."

I took the two upstairs and showed them their rooms for the night. I went into our room to get changed into my suit. Tonight is going to be a blast. I grabbed a few towels for everyone and made my way downstairs.

"Hey did you boys put burgers on the grill?" I said with no response. Alright I guess they're outside. Rachel and Trista came back down with their suits on.

"Feel free to grab or drink or anything from the fridge" I said making my way towards the back door to find the guys.

"Jordannnnnn!" I called out. No boys, but I could smell something cooking on the grill. What were they up to? I lifted to grill lid to see that they had just put the hamburgers on. I started walking around looking for them as Rachel and Trista came out with their drinks.

"Hey girl!" Rachel said taking a seat on the deck.

"Where are the guys?" Trista asked as she took a seat as well.

"I really don't know. Maybe I should put on some of Jordan's techno and they'll appear." I said laughing. Well it was true. He absolutely loved it ever since high school.

"Yeah I think you should." Trista said taking a sip from her Labatt.

"Something is up. I have an idea. Casey, turn the music up so they can't hear us." Rachel said

I went over to the iPod dock and cranked up the music.

"Alright, spill!" Trista and I said as we scooted our chairs closer to Rachel.

"Do you know where the garden hose is?" Rachel asked.

"Yeah, it's right along the side of the house."

"We need to find them first. Then......." Rachel said.

"Then we'll hose them down." Trista said.

"Awesome!" I said high-fiving them. "Come on guys!"

We tip-toed to the side of the house to get the hose. There they were hiding behind one of the bushes. I motioned for them to turn around and head back to the house.

"Shit. What should we do now?" Trista asked.

"Well there is a window right above from where they're at." I said rubbing my hands against each other.

"Bucket time!" Rachel declared. All three of us ran into the kitchen to find some buckets.

I started digging through the cupboards and found a mop bucket along with a couple large pots. We then took them upstairs to the bathroom to fill them with water.

"Holy crap is this heavy!" Trista said as she lifted her pot from underneath the faucet.

"Good!" I said laughing.

"They are so not going to expect this at all!" Rachel said.

"That just makes it that much better!" Trista said laughing.

We took our heavy water bucket and pots to the guest room that was above where the boys were at.

"On the count of three, girls." I said as I slowly opened up the window.

"1, 2, 3!" we whispered.

"Oh boys!!!!!!!!" we called out for them to look up.

"Yeah?" they all replied.

As soon as they looked up we drenched them with water.

"We're going to get you!!!" Tyler yelled out.

We started running back downstairs towards the front door. We ran around the opposite side of the house to dodge the guys.

"Lets just jump in!" Rachel yelled out to us since she was the fastest runner.

One by one we jumped in the pool. The guys heard us so they jumped in as well.

"You three thought you were so clever!" I said as Jordan tried to hug me.

"Yeah we did!" Jordan said.

"You got us good!" Flower said laughing.

"Admit that the girls won and then you'll get hug." I said to Jordan putting my hands on my hips.

"Alright the girls won...this time!" Jordan said lifting me up and throwing me into the air.

I quickly swam back over trying to dunk Jordan. He ended up pick me back up again, but this time he gave me a kiss. By now everyone was laughing and having a great time.

"Who's hungry?" Jordan yelled out.

"Well all of us dumbass!" Flower yelled back at him.

Trista, Rachel, and I couldn't help but laugh at Flower. We all got out of the pool as Jordan tended to the grill.

"Babe, I"ll go get some buns, plates, ketchup, and pickles." I said giving him a wet hug.

"Sounds good boo" He said giving me a wet hug back.

I walked back inside the house with my towel to grab everything. I also grabbed a beer on my out. I set everything out on the table while everyone gathered around.

"Thanks guys!" Rachel said as she took a seat.

"Everything looks great!" Trista replied.

The guys brought over the burgers as we all started to dig in.

"Any mustard?" Tyler asked.

"That shit is nasty, TK." Jordan said.

"Agreed! I hate it."

"No wonder you two love each other, you mustard haters!" Tyler said pouting.

"Is he always like that?" I said to Rachel laughing.

"Yeahhhh, but it's easy to get used to it!" Rachel said.

"You guys are too much!"

"Welcome to the 'burgh, Case!" everyone said as we lifted our beer bottles to cheer.

"I'm really starting to love it here." I said as I gave Jordan a quick kiss on the cheek.

Musical inspiration: Breakfast in Bed by Train

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Time To Make A New Start

Marc's Point of View

back in Thunder Bay

It had been days since the whole LC dilemma that had turned my world upside down. I should have known better than to go for it that easily without any strings attached. Worst of all I felt horrible about what happened with Morgan. Almost all of her things were still at my place. I knew people made mistakes that they don't mean to do. Alcohol can make you do pretty stupid things, just look at Eric and Jordan's arrest. Good people do bad things sometimes, but it doesn't make them a horrible person. Tom should have known better than to take advantage of her, especially when he was sober. Morgan was a light weight, and he damn well knew it. I played on my phone debating on what I wanted to do. I really wanted to talk to Morgan. I didn't want everything we had to go to waste. I loved her ever since I was freaking sixteen. Most sixteen year olds have no idea what love is, but I did.

1 new text message

Morgan :)

Marc, I can't even begin to tell you how sorry I am. It was a horrible mistake that should have never happened.

I couldn't type back any faster than I could have tried.

Come back home, Morgan.

I hoped to god she would come over. I'm sure she heard about my shit with LC. Word in Thunder Bay travels fast. Please come.

1 new text message

Morgan :)

I'll see you soon.

Oh please tell me it would be tonight. One more night without her would be impossible. If she came or not I was ordering some Asian food. It was our favorite. Sweet-sour chicken, fried rice, shrimp dumplings. I could go on. They also had some awesome Thai rice that I had to get. Twenty minutes and it would be over. I decided to text CJ and see what she had to say about it. She was always honest about this kind of shit.

So I kinda just invited Morgan over. I miss her, Case.

1 new text message


You two both made some stupid mistakes, but you are good together. I love you guys, seriously. NO more nasty hoes and drinking for you two!

No wonder her and Jordan are together. Complete smartasses.

Love you too Case. Don't worry about me. Take care of my brother.

Well at least I can count on Case and Jord being on my side for this. I decided to get changed and threw on a clean polo and shorts since I still had my workout gear on from earlier. Believe me, it ranked. Fuck, I needed a good shave too. Well that was just going to have to wait. I looked out the window to see a huge grey cloud forming in the sky. It was going to pour, real bad. I dug in my wallet and pulled out a few extra bucks for the delivery guy.

*BOOM* cracked throughout the sky. Damn it and Morgan might be driving through this shit too. I hope she is okay. I sat in my enclosed awaiting for at least the delivery guy. There it was those bright headlights coming down my driveway. She actually came! Her Mustang pulled up right beside my truck. I started running and pushed the door open. The puddles were already starting to form in my driveway, but I couldn't have cared. Morgan was crying as she was still sitting in the car. I knocked on her window for her to look over. She looked over and opened her door.

"Marc! I'm so sorry!" she said as tears came down. I held her hand and helped her get out.

I held her tight and didn't want to let her go. "Shhhhhhh babe." I said kissing her forehead. "I love you and that's all that matters."

"You still love me?" she said with her big brown eyes looking up at me.

"Yes. We both did some pretty stupid things. I'm sorry for making a jackass out of myself these past few days."

"I love you too, boo." she said giving a sweet gentle kiss.

"Lets get inside before we get sick." I said taking her hand.

"Okay." she said as we began walking towards the porch. I sat down as I pulled her on top of my lap to hold her.

"I ordered from Bamboo Garden" I whispered into her ear as we saw the delivery guy pull in.

"You're too sweet." she said giving me a quick kiss on the cheek as I got up to go meet the guy.

I paid the man and came back with our food. I set it down on the table and man did it smell delicious.

"Morgan, want a beer or something?"

"Water is good. I'm not drinking ever again." Morgan hardly ever drank to begin with.

I leaned over and brought her face to mine. "That means so much to me." I said as I gave her a kiss. I sat down as we began to dig into the food. We sat back and ate while we watched the rain continue to come down. Everything was so relaxing and peaceful, just the way it should be.

A/N: Sorry it has been forever since this has been updated. I know it's short, but it's important for the next few chapters :) I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it, but I've had some inspiration over the past few days. Thanks for reading! Love, Case