Friday, May 27, 2011

All I Need Is All Your Love

"Hey isn't that Sid's sister crying by your car?"

"Yeah it is!" LC said as we both ran over to check on her. "Tay, what's wrong honey?"

"I was over at the arena" as gave LC a hug. "Mom and Dad said we're leaving for Cole Harbour tomorrow morning. I saw the car across the street so I ran over. I don't wanna go! I hardly ever get to see my brother. I miss him so much during the season. It's not fair!"

"Aww Taylor, it's going to be alright. You know your brother loves you so much! Hey, Sid and I will talk to them to see if you can stay with us for awhile before school starts up" LC said.

"Please LC?!You're the best! I'm really sorry I ran over here." Taylor said.

"It's no problem. Oh Taylor, this is Casey, Jordan Staal's girlfriend from Thunder Bay. Don't you miss Josh?" LC asked.

"Nice to meet you Casey. Well yeah, of course I miss him." Taylor said shrugging her shoulders.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Taylor. You can call me CJ if you want to. Do you want to go shopping with LC and I?"

"Yeah Taylor, I want to hear more about how things are going with Josh! Please come with us!" LC said.

"Ok girls! Sounds like fun! I'll text Mom real quick to let her know I'm hanging out with you two." Taylor said while getting her cell phone out.

"Tell her we'll meet her at dinner tonight if that's alright with her, then Sid and I will have the chance to talk to them about you staying with us" LC said as we got in the car.

We sat in the car listening to the radio while waiting for Taylor's Mom to text her back.

"Mom said it's fine! She said she'll call later about dinner." Taylor said.

"Ok! Mall at Robinson sound good girls?" LC asked.

"Yeah sure!" Taylor and I both replied.

On the car ride to the mall, Taylor was non-stop gushing about her Josh. Josh was a fifteen year old boy that lived in the neighborhood and played hockey. Taylor tried convincing us that they were just friends, but LC and I weren't buying it.

"Are you sure you don't like him? Doesn't it sound like it to you, CJ?" LC said as she pulled into the parking lot.

"Just a little bit, LC" as I grinned at her.

"Alright I might have a crush on him. Don't tell anyone, especially Sid!" Taylor said.

LC and I started to giggle. "Okay Tay, we won't talk about Josh anymore unless you bring him up."

"Sounds good! Lets shop!" Taylor said as we walked in. First we stopped in the food court and got a cheese pizza and drinks.

"Cheese pizza, Josh would love this!" Taylor said almost jumping out of her seat.


Marc, Jordan, Morgan, and I were all sitting at Lucien's to get some pizza. My newly step-sister Morgan and Marc had been going out for a couple months. I was shocked when Marc asked her out a week after she moved in with Dad and I. At first I wasn't too fond of Morgan since we didn't exactly get off on the smoothest start. At school she was the class flirt and always trying to get with the boys. I couldn't stand her. After Marc and her started going out, she completely changed. I was so glad since we could all hang out together have some fun.

"So Jordan, when are you ever going to ask CJ out?" Marc said to Jordan. Jordan punched Marc in the shoulder as Morgan and I started to laugh. The pizza arrived as we all began to dig in.

"What was that girly punch for?" Marc smirked.

"Shut up Marc. Why do you have to be such an ass." as Jordan stormed off.

"Marc why'd you have to do that?" Morgan asked.

"I don't know cause he's my brother." Marc said.

"I'll go see what's up" as I walked out the door to find Jordan. He was sitting up against the building with his head buried into his knees.

"Jord, what's wrong? You know Marc didn't mean it. He was just trying to show off for Morgan" as I sat down beside him.

Jordan looked up as he held my hand, "I know Case, but he's right. I should have done it a long time ago. Your an amazing girl, I'm never going to be good enough for you"

"Jordan Staal, stop this nonsense right now. I love you just the way you are. Ever since we were in kindergarten I have had the biggest crush on you and I didn't think you liked me."

Jordan put his hands around my face and started to kiss me, "I have always loved you CJ. Would you please be my girlfriend?" as it started to rain.

"Of course I will! I'm glad you didn't make me wait any longer" as I stole his hat and started to kiss him again.

"Would you two come inside already, Marc is going to eat all the pizza" Morgan yelled out from the door.

:::end flashback:::

"CJ, CJ?!?!" LC and Taylor were yelling.

"Oooh sorry girls! I was just thinking"

"What were you thinking about, doll?" LC asked.

"When Jordan, Marc, my step-sister, and I were around 15 we went to a pizza shop back in Thunder Bay. Its the day Jordan and I started being a couple. All because Marc made Jordan mad like usual and we finally told each other how we felt" I said as I smiled. "I loved that day."

"Aww!" they both cheered.

"Haha thanks guys. Alright let's get some clothes and shoes!"

We finished up our pizza as we began to shop. LC, Taylor, and I filled our arms with shopping bags. I got some new clothes for school since it would be starting soon. We all got new shoes (since you can never have too many) and sweats. LC and I both got a few gorgeous dresses for our men to see us in. LC and Taylor were so sweet to get to know. I was so lucky that I had become good friends with them. We all headed into LC's car and made our way back to the hotel I was staying in.

"Thanks for a great day girls! I hope everything goes well for you at dinner, Taylor! Have fun you two!"

"Thanks CJ! We'll see you soon!" they cheered from the car as they drove by.

I still had to pack up a few of my things as I made my way to the elevator of the hotel. I pushed the 11 button and waited for it to arrive to the floor. The elevator finally opened up as I got out my card. I slide the card key in as I walked through the door. Laying on the floor was a note that had "Casey" written on it so I picked it up and read it.

I'll be over around 6:30 to help you get your things to move back to my place.
Hope you brought your swimsuit babe, if you didn't that's alright.
All my love,

I looked over to the clock. 6 o'clock! I had half an hour to get everything ready!

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