Wednesday, July 13, 2011

No One Compares To You

Jordan and I were just pulling into the driveway when I got a text.

1 New Text:

Marc and I are back together :)

"Babe, Marc and Morgan are back." I said with a smile on my face.

"Thank god. I'm glad they kissed and made up."

I decided to text Morgan back before Jordan I started setting out some food before our friends came over.

Really glad to hear that! Jord and I want you guys to come down this weekend!

Morgan and Marc had started dating since what feels like forever. Well ever since she had become my step-sister. Jordan and I headed upstairs where we got changed into our swim gear. We went backstairs and started filling a cooler with some beer. Jordan started throwing some hot dogs on the grill while I went back upstairs. I decided to fix up the spare bedrooms so that they could all just stay over for the night.

2 New texts:

We'd love too!!! I'll call you later!

Jord <3

Come back down, I miss you beautiful.

Now that made me laugh. I had only been gone for like ten minutes. I went running down the stairs to go see him.

"BABE!" I yelled out.

"Yeah boo?" he looked over to see me standing at the doorway.

"I'm back you silly man." I said walking over to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck while he held me against him.

"What were you up to?"

"Ohh just fixing up the rooms for everyone to stay in."

"That's a great idea! I would have just made them sleep on the couches." he said laughing.

"Oh Jordan." I said looking up into his bright blue eyes.

"What?! It's true!" he said giving me a kiss.


"I'll show you lazy!" he said pulling me in closer to him.

"Oh really, now?" I stuck out my tongue to tease him.

"Why yes." he said capturing my mouth into his. Things got aggressive really quick. His fingers were grasping for my shirt as mine were for his. I managed to get his shirt off, while mine was about off when the doorbell rang. They were here, already. I ran to the door to let everybody in.

"Hey guys!" I said swinging the front door open.

"Hey CJ!" Rachel leaned in and gave me a hug.

"Hey Trista!" I said giving her a hug as well.

"Come on in!" Jordan said coming from behind us.

Rachel and Trista came in as Tyler and Marc Andre followed behind with cases of beer.

"Didn't you two think we'd have any?" I said giving them both a hug.

"The more the merrier!" Flower said high-fiving Jordan.

"Boys" Rachel and Trista sighed as I began laughing.

"Come on girls. I'll show you where you can get changed into your suits."

I took the two upstairs and showed them their rooms for the night. I went into our room to get changed into my suit. Tonight is going to be a blast. I grabbed a few towels for everyone and made my way downstairs.

"Hey did you boys put burgers on the grill?" I said with no response. Alright I guess they're outside. Rachel and Trista came back down with their suits on.

"Feel free to grab or drink or anything from the fridge" I said making my way towards the back door to find the guys.

"Jordannnnnn!" I called out. No boys, but I could smell something cooking on the grill. What were they up to? I lifted to grill lid to see that they had just put the hamburgers on. I started walking around looking for them as Rachel and Trista came out with their drinks.

"Hey girl!" Rachel said taking a seat on the deck.

"Where are the guys?" Trista asked as she took a seat as well.

"I really don't know. Maybe I should put on some of Jordan's techno and they'll appear." I said laughing. Well it was true. He absolutely loved it ever since high school.

"Yeah I think you should." Trista said taking a sip from her Labatt.

"Something is up. I have an idea. Casey, turn the music up so they can't hear us." Rachel said

I went over to the iPod dock and cranked up the music.

"Alright, spill!" Trista and I said as we scooted our chairs closer to Rachel.

"Do you know where the garden hose is?" Rachel asked.

"Yeah, it's right along the side of the house."

"We need to find them first. Then......." Rachel said.

"Then we'll hose them down." Trista said.

"Awesome!" I said high-fiving them. "Come on guys!"

We tip-toed to the side of the house to get the hose. There they were hiding behind one of the bushes. I motioned for them to turn around and head back to the house.

"Shit. What should we do now?" Trista asked.

"Well there is a window right above from where they're at." I said rubbing my hands against each other.

"Bucket time!" Rachel declared. All three of us ran into the kitchen to find some buckets.

I started digging through the cupboards and found a mop bucket along with a couple large pots. We then took them upstairs to the bathroom to fill them with water.

"Holy crap is this heavy!" Trista said as she lifted her pot from underneath the faucet.

"Good!" I said laughing.

"They are so not going to expect this at all!" Rachel said.

"That just makes it that much better!" Trista said laughing.

We took our heavy water bucket and pots to the guest room that was above where the boys were at.

"On the count of three, girls." I said as I slowly opened up the window.

"1, 2, 3!" we whispered.

"Oh boys!!!!!!!!" we called out for them to look up.

"Yeah?" they all replied.

As soon as they looked up we drenched them with water.

"We're going to get you!!!" Tyler yelled out.

We started running back downstairs towards the front door. We ran around the opposite side of the house to dodge the guys.

"Lets just jump in!" Rachel yelled out to us since she was the fastest runner.

One by one we jumped in the pool. The guys heard us so they jumped in as well.

"You three thought you were so clever!" I said as Jordan tried to hug me.

"Yeah we did!" Jordan said.

"You got us good!" Flower said laughing.

"Admit that the girls won and then you'll get hug." I said to Jordan putting my hands on my hips.

"Alright the girls won...this time!" Jordan said lifting me up and throwing me into the air.

I quickly swam back over trying to dunk Jordan. He ended up pick me back up again, but this time he gave me a kiss. By now everyone was laughing and having a great time.

"Who's hungry?" Jordan yelled out.

"Well all of us dumbass!" Flower yelled back at him.

Trista, Rachel, and I couldn't help but laugh at Flower. We all got out of the pool as Jordan tended to the grill.

"Babe, I"ll go get some buns, plates, ketchup, and pickles." I said giving him a wet hug.

"Sounds good boo" He said giving me a wet hug back.

I walked back inside the house with my towel to grab everything. I also grabbed a beer on my out. I set everything out on the table while everyone gathered around.

"Thanks guys!" Rachel said as she took a seat.

"Everything looks great!" Trista replied.

The guys brought over the burgers as we all started to dig in.

"Any mustard?" Tyler asked.

"That shit is nasty, TK." Jordan said.

"Agreed! I hate it."

"No wonder you two love each other, you mustard haters!" Tyler said pouting.

"Is he always like that?" I said to Rachel laughing.

"Yeahhhh, but it's easy to get used to it!" Rachel said.

"You guys are too much!"

"Welcome to the 'burgh, Case!" everyone said as we lifted our beer bottles to cheer.

"I'm really starting to love it here." I said as I gave Jordan a quick kiss on the cheek.

Musical inspiration: Breakfast in Bed by Train

CJ's pool outfit:

Trista's pool outfit:

Rachel's pool outfit:

Monday, July 11, 2011

Time To Make A New Start

Marc's Point of View

back in Thunder Bay

It had been days since the whole LC dilemma that had turned my world upside down. I should have known better than to go for it that easily without any strings attached. Worst of all I felt horrible about what happened with Morgan. Almost all of her things were still at my place. I knew people made mistakes that they don't mean to do. Alcohol can make you do pretty stupid things, just look at Eric and Jordan's arrest. Good people do bad things sometimes, but it doesn't make them a horrible person. Tom should have known better than to take advantage of her, especially when he was sober. Morgan was a light weight, and he damn well knew it. I played on my phone debating on what I wanted to do. I really wanted to talk to Morgan. I didn't want everything we had to go to waste. I loved her ever since I was freaking sixteen. Most sixteen year olds have no idea what love is, but I did.

1 new text message

Morgan :)

Marc, I can't even begin to tell you how sorry I am. It was a horrible mistake that should have never happened.

I couldn't type back any faster than I could have tried.

Come back home, Morgan.

I hoped to god she would come over. I'm sure she heard about my shit with LC. Word in Thunder Bay travels fast. Please come.

1 new text message

Morgan :)

I'll see you soon.

Oh please tell me it would be tonight. One more night without her would be impossible. If she came or not I was ordering some Asian food. It was our favorite. Sweet-sour chicken, fried rice, shrimp dumplings. I could go on. They also had some awesome Thai rice that I had to get. Twenty minutes and it would be over. I decided to text CJ and see what she had to say about it. She was always honest about this kind of shit.

So I kinda just invited Morgan over. I miss her, Case.

1 new text message


You two both made some stupid mistakes, but you are good together. I love you guys, seriously. NO more nasty hoes and drinking for you two!

No wonder her and Jordan are together. Complete smartasses.

Love you too Case. Don't worry about me. Take care of my brother.

Well at least I can count on Case and Jord being on my side for this. I decided to get changed and threw on a clean polo and shorts since I still had my workout gear on from earlier. Believe me, it ranked. Fuck, I needed a good shave too. Well that was just going to have to wait. I looked out the window to see a huge grey cloud forming in the sky. It was going to pour, real bad. I dug in my wallet and pulled out a few extra bucks for the delivery guy.

*BOOM* cracked throughout the sky. Damn it and Morgan might be driving through this shit too. I hope she is okay. I sat in my enclosed awaiting for at least the delivery guy. There it was those bright headlights coming down my driveway. She actually came! Her Mustang pulled up right beside my truck. I started running and pushed the door open. The puddles were already starting to form in my driveway, but I couldn't have cared. Morgan was crying as she was still sitting in the car. I knocked on her window for her to look over. She looked over and opened her door.

"Marc! I'm so sorry!" she said as tears came down. I held her hand and helped her get out.

I held her tight and didn't want to let her go. "Shhhhhhh babe." I said kissing her forehead. "I love you and that's all that matters."

"You still love me?" she said with her big brown eyes looking up at me.

"Yes. We both did some pretty stupid things. I'm sorry for making a jackass out of myself these past few days."

"I love you too, boo." she said giving a sweet gentle kiss.

"Lets get inside before we get sick." I said taking her hand.

"Okay." she said as we began walking towards the porch. I sat down as I pulled her on top of my lap to hold her.

"I ordered from Bamboo Garden" I whispered into her ear as we saw the delivery guy pull in.

"You're too sweet." she said giving me a quick kiss on the cheek as I got up to go meet the guy.

I paid the man and came back with our food. I set it down on the table and man did it smell delicious.

"Morgan, want a beer or something?"

"Water is good. I'm not drinking ever again." Morgan hardly ever drank to begin with.

I leaned over and brought her face to mine. "That means so much to me." I said as I gave her a kiss. I sat down as we began to dig into the food. We sat back and ate while we watched the rain continue to come down. Everything was so relaxing and peaceful, just the way it should be.

A/N: Sorry it has been forever since this has been updated. I know it's short, but it's important for the next few chapters :) I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it, but I've had some inspiration over the past few days. Thanks for reading! Love, Case

Friday, May 27, 2011

Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night

The pizza guy arrived shortly and we dug in. We ordered the bacon ranch chicken pizza and it was delicious! Jordan and I finished getting ready to go out with the crew. I was kindof nervous to meet everyone but also very excited. We got into the Escalade and turned on some music.

"So who do you think is all going, babe?" I asked Jordan.

"I know Geno, TK, Sid, and Flower are definitely going so that will be fun." Jordan replied.

"Oh good! Do any of them have girlfriends?"

"TK is dating Rachel, so she will be there. And Flower is engaged to Trista. I think you will really like those two."

Thank God there would be some girls there. I hope we become good friends fast so that I'll have them to hang out with during the road trips. We arrived at Matrix about ten minutes later. Sidney, Flower, and Trista were already there sitting at a bench.

"Hey guys!" Jordan and I yelled out to them.

"This is my girlfriend Casey from Thunder Bay." Jordan said as he introduced me to Flower and Trista.


Nice to meet you!" I said shaking their hands.

"And you as well! I was very excited to hear you are going to be staying here!" Trista said. "Rach is thrilled to meet you too!"

"Hey Flower and I are going over to get drinks, can we get you two something?" Jordan asked.

"Could you get me a Jack and Coke babe?"

"Yeah sure! Trista what about you?"

"How about a Corona? Thanks Jordan." Trista said.

"No problem!" Jordan said as he began walking over to the bar with Flower.

"Hey we should definitely go shopping sometime, Case. Rachel and I can show you around. There's lots of things to do around here!" Trista said.

"That sounds great! How about this weekend?"

"Perfect! It'll be so much fun!"

Jordan and Flower came back with our drinks while we sat back and talked for awhile. Geno arrived a few songs later and got everyone to start dancing. Jordan and I were laughing and having a great time. Sid tried to dance, but that didn't work out too well. We were dieing watching his attempts at dancing. Soooo funny! I didn't think Sid would be that funny! Jordan got a call from TK saying that him and Rachel were almost there. According to Jordan, TK was born late so it was nothing new that he was just arriving now. We all sat back in the booth and ordered some food while we waited for TK and Rach.

"Hey guys! Sorry we're so late!" Rachel said as her and TK squeezed into the booth.


It's no problem girl!We're glad you guys could make it!" Trista said.

"You must be Casey!" TK said as he leaned over and hugged me.

"That would be me! Nice to meet you Tyler!" I said. I felt like I was screaming at him since the music was really loud.

"So how's everything back in TBay?"

"Ohh not too bad, same old!" I said as I began to laugh.

"The best part is it never changes! That's where I met Rachel."

"You're from Thunder Bay?" I asked Rachel.

"Yeah! I lived there when I was kid then we moved back about a year ago!" Rachel said.

"That's awesome! TK, you can never leave this girl!"

"I wouldn't even think of it!" he said as he kissed her.

Jordan, Geno, Sid, and Flower came back from the bar with a round of drinks for us.

"Nice of you to show up TK." Geno said handing him a beer.

"Hey I'm here now!" Tyler said.

"Jordan, why didn't you tell me Rach is from back home?!" I said giving him a punch to the arm.

"I'm sorry babe, they used to live on the other side of town."

"No way!"

"Rachel do you know Morgan Duncan?"

"Of course I do! We were best friends in kindergarten!" Rachel said.

"That's my step-sister! Her mom married my dad when we were just starting high school!"

"I didn't know that! How is she doing?!"

"Umm alright I guess! I haven't talked to her in awhile!"

"Hey girls, do you wanna go dance?!" Trista asked practically pulling us out of the booth.

"Yeah! Lets go!" Rachel said.

All three of us ran out to the dance floor just as a Britney Spears song came on. We were screaming it at the top of our lungs as the boys sat back in the booth and clapped. I was so glad to have made some awesome friends like Rachel and Trista. After the song we ran back and grabbed the boys. Jordan took me by the hand as we started to dance together. I leaned in and kissed Jordan as he was turned facing me.

"Thanks for such a great night babe! I'm having so much fun!"

Jordan kissed me again. "Its no problem. I'm glad you're having a great time! I love you Case."

"I love you more Jordan!"

"Oh really??" Jordan said scooping me up into his arms.

"Why yes. May I ask where you are taking me, Mr. Staal?" I said giving him a kiss.

"Our place of course! I invited everyone over for some late night swimming."

"Well we better get there soon! We need to get there before everyone else!"

"Don't worry babe we will!" Jordan said as we got into his Escalade.

You Are The Greatest Thing About Me

Jordan's Point of View

Casey and I went back into the airport after getting rid of LC. I grabbed our bags and we were on our way back to see Sid. Night out on the town with my amazing girlfriend and one of my best friends? Hell yes. Everything was finally coming together the way it should be.

I felt so bad for Marc. First Morgan and now this with LC. Both Marc and Sid deserved an incredible woman like I have with CJ. I had to call Marc. He had to know the truth even though it was painful. Even though we scrap around with each other (from birth, and besides it was Marc who was the one who always started it) we are always there for each other. It was going to be a difficult phone call, but one that needed done. I think CJ should be there when I do this. I honestly don't know how Marc will react and that is scary to say.

"Come on Staalsy. CJ and I don't have all day!" Sid whined at me.

"Oh, yeah. Sorry guys." I hadn't even noticed that I had been standing with Sid's car hatch open contemplating about Marc.

"Babe, lets unpack all of my stuff when we get back to your place!" CJ said.

"Sure thing boo!" I said sliding into the backseat with her in Sid's car. I gave her a quick kiss and we were ready to go.

Sid started blasting his rap, attempting to stay with the beat. I tried my best to hold in my laugh, but I could tell CJ was about to burst at the seam. I started rapping along with Sid and CJ couldn't take it any longer.

"Do you two do this all the time?!" she yelled out so we could hear.

"OF COURSE!" we shouted back. I took CJ's hand and gave it a kiss.

"It's a good thing I love you two nerds!" she said laughing.

"Wait so now I'm a nerd?" I said making puppy dog eyes at her.

"Does it sound better if I say you're an adorable nerd?" CJ said making puppy dog eyes back at me.

"I guess it is better than just a regular nerd" I said laughing.

We arrived back at my place and started to unload the back of Sidney's car. Most of Casey's stuff would arrive in a few days.

"Thanks again for getting us Sid."

"Hey its no problem man. I'm glad to see you guys this happy." Sidney said.

"Sid, we want you to be happy too!" CJ said. "What time do you want to go out tonight with us?"

"I don't know 9, 10? It's up to you two."

"Alright 10 it is! You're going to have a blast, you won't know what hit you!"

"If you say so! I'll see you later." Sidney said as he got back into his car.

CJ and I both shouted bye back to Sid as he pulled out of the driveway.

"So are you ready to make this place ours babe?" I said to CJ pulling her in closer to me.

"Of course! Finally a place all of our own." she said looking up into my eyes. I picked CJ up and carried her inside. Her bags were at the bottom of the staircase so I started carrying them upstairs to the bedroom. CJ stayed in the room starting to unpack them as I brought up the the last couple bags. We finished up fairly quick so we laid back and put on The Office.

"Thanks for everything, Jordan. You are so sweet babe." CJ said as she kissed me while pulling herself up on top of me.

"You're the best girlfriend I could ever ask for boo" I said continuing to kiss her passionately.

I pulled off her clothes as she took off mine. We made love until we collapsed into each other's arms. All that I need was right here, nothing else mattered anymore. We fell asleep for a few hours until we heard a phone go off. Of course it had to be my phone going off.

"Umm hello" I answered.

"Jordan!" damn, Eric's voice was way too loud.

"What's up?"

"Oh just checking on you two lovebirds. Everything settled in down there?"

"Pretty much, the rest of CJ's stuff is coming in a few days. How's Raleigh?"

"Well that's good to hear. Oh you know how it is, same old same old."

"What are you guys up to tonight?" Eric asked.

"I'm thinking about getting us a pizza then we're going to the bar with Sid."

"Pizza and beer? Now that sounds excellent!"

"I'm living the dream now that my lady is here with me."

"Oh I can imagine! So I heard about the whole Sid-LC-Marc situation. She called the house and apologized to Marc."

"Really?? How did that go?"

"LC told Marc what had really happened between her and Sid, and that she was sorry for misleading him on."

"Is Marc alright?"

"He's bummed out, but that's to be expected. Poor guy."

"That sucks so bad. He'll find someone, hopefully not a skank this time."

"Yeah exactly. Well you two have two have a fun night. Talk to you later."

"Alright bye Eric." I said as I closed the phone and set it down.

"How's Eric babe?" CJ asked.

"Pretty good, he told me that LC called Marc apologizing for the whole situation."

"Oh good lord. Well at least she is gone now."

"Good lord is right. Do you want me to order a pizza for us?"

"That'd be great babe. I'm going to go get changed while you do that."

"Okay babe!" I said as I picked up the phone again and went into the kitchen to find the menu for Vocelli's. About five minutes later I was back upstairs looking for CJ.

"Ta-dah! Like my outfit, Jordan?" CJ asked.

CJ came out wearing a black and white top with a short black skirt and heels. Anything she wore looked gorgeous.


"You look absolutely amazing, CJ! We're going to have so much fun tonight!" I said running up to her giving her a kiss.

"You should invite everyone! I'd love to meet them all!"

My girlfriend wants to meet all my teammates? This could only lead to one funny as hell night.

Show Me Who You Really Are

Jordan, LC, and I were waiting at the airport for our flight. We had about a half an hour wait before take off. I was so excited to be going to Pittsburgh and living with Jordan.

"Hey babe are you hungry?" Jordan asked.

"Ehh sortof. What about you LC?" I asked.

"I'm really thirsty." LC said.

"Okay I'll go over and get some goodies for us." Jordan said standing up.

"Thanks boo." I said giving a kiss on the cheek.

Jordan came back with some hot tea and bagels. LC and I were discussing about what we were going to do once we arrived in Pittsburgh. She told me how excited she was, but also nervous about Sidney. I reminded her that everything would be fine and not to worry about it. We quickly finished up eating and drinking since it was about time to board the plane.

It didn't take very long for the plane to take off. Something did not feel right, I could tell by the look in Jordan's eyes. I knew something was up. Jordan would only give LC one word answers and seemed entirely pissed off to have her sitting in the same row as us. What had happened? I waited until LC fell asleep to find out what was wrong.

"Babe, what's up with.." I said pointing across to LC.

Jordan reached down into his bag and took out a notebook and pen. He began writing and it seemed to take forever. He finally handed me the notebook. It read:

It's hard to say this, but we can't trust LC anymore. While getting tea and bagels, I got a call from Sid. He told me that he had suspected her of cheating on him with some guy from Duquesne. When you guys went out with Taylor, she suspected it too. Then he got a phone call from Taylor last week saying that she found photos on facebook with LC and this guy. I guess it happened when Sid went to visit his parents a few weeks ago. That's why Sid acted the way he did back at the airport and the party. What are we going to do about Marc? I don't want my brother being near this tramp.
Am I really reading this? My jaw literally dropped. What were we going to do? How did Jordan keep it together after finding this out? I couldn't believe there was no freak out.

What do you think we should do babe?

Jordan wrote back-Sidney is getting us at the airport. He's bringing all of her shit in a taxi that will get her. I don't want anything to do with this girl. I just want to be here with you

It sounds perfect. We'll tell her to go to Duquesne and to never come back here again. She should know damn well what she did. If she ever thought of speaking to Marc again, she had another thing coming.

I wrote back-Love it. I can't wait until we land.

Jordan wrapped his arms around me. I felt so safe and loved. Jordan always made everything better. I closed my eyes and fell into a light sleep. About fifteen minutes later I heard the captain announcing we would be landing in Pittsburgh soon. All three of us were wide awake after that. There was a weird tension and dead silence. The plane landed ten minutes later. Jordan led the way as we got off the plane.

"So are you excited?!" LC asked me.

"Oh yeah. I can't imagine myself being with anyone other than Jordan. Did I ever tell you how much I despise cheaters?"

"Me too boo. I think they are horrible people." Jordan interrupted before she had the chance to speak.

"Oh hey look it's Sid! Did you arrange for him to pick us up baby?"

"Why yes I did. He's such a great guy." Jordan said.

"Wait. What the hell is going on you two? Don't you remember him treating me like shit?" LC said starting to panic.

"Don't worry LC we've made arrangements for you. We know who you really are. You don't need to lie to us anymore."

"Hey Jord! Hey Case! So nice to see you guys again!" Sidney said giving us a big hug.

"Hi Sid! How's it going bud?!"

"Excellent! I feel like a new man!" Sidney said.

"Here lets show LC the way to her taxi. Don't worry Sidney was kind enough to put all your nasty shit in there for you." Jordan said. We were almost to the terminal pick up with the taxis.

"I'm really sorry. Sidney, I didn't mean it! He didn't mean anything!" LC yelled about ready to burst into tears.

"It's too late for that now. I just want to move on with my life." Sidney said opening the door to the taxi.

"Please just one more chance!" LC cried out stepping into the taxi.

"No, I don't think so. I'm all out of giving you chances." Sidney said.

"Bye LC! Have fun with your Duquesne boy!" Jordan and I said shutting the door.

The taxi took off and we couldn't have been any happier.

"Now that the rotten apple is gone, lets have some fun!" Sidney said.

"Alright! Casey and I are going to go get our bags. We'll be back out Sid!" Jordan said.

"Woohoo! Night out on the town!" I yelled.

Jordan pulled me in close kissing me on the forehead.

"You bet babe."

You Shine Like A Star

Jordan had gotten a blanket out of the cabin for us to lay out on. I can't imagine being any happier than right now in my life. It was everything I had hoped for and more.

"So what are you thinking about babe?" Jordan asked coming up and putting his arms around me.

"Just how incredibly happy I am right now" I said turning my head around to give him a kiss.

"That's the way its supposed to be, CJ. I love you so much. I'll never let you go."

"We've been through thick and thin, babe. Even though we were apart for a few years, the love remains exactly the same. I don't ever want this to end."

Jordan and I cuddled in the blanket holding each other close.

"Tomorrow will be great! We'll finish packing up the rest of your stuff that still here and have it shipped down to Pittsburgh. As much fun as that sounds, I think we should go bumper car racing to top it off before our late flight back."

"That sounds great, Jord! Marc and LC should come too! What do you think is going to happen between them?" I asked as I saw the two coming in closer to the deck with the boat.

"Well you know how Marc is, once he is in love, he's in deep. I can tell that he is now, for sure. I've known LC for about a year now and I know she has a huge heart. They'll make it work, I have faith in them."

"Oh, I know they will! They are the perfect match for each other. Oh look here they come!"

"Hey guys! Want to start a little fire to warm us up?" LC asked.

"Yeah! That's a great idea! We can sit around and talk" I said.

"You two stay here, Marc and I will go get some firewood from behind the cabin." Jordan said as he got up. Jordan Marc headed over to the back of the cabin while LC and I started to chat.

"Guess what!?!" LC said with excitement in her voice. She sounded like a little kid in a candy shop.

"What? Tell me! It sounds like really great news!"

"While out on the boat, Marc asked me what I thought about moving to New York!"

"And?! What did you say?!"

"I said yes! I told him I had to take care of a few things back at Pitt for school and that I should be up there before his first game!"

"LC! That's great! I'm so happy for you! Take as long as you need to! You can stay with Jordan and I until you're ready hun! Oooh I'm so excited for you guys!"

"Aww thanks, CJ! You two are so sweet! What do you think I should do about my stuff at Sid's though?" LC asked with a concerned look on her face.

"Don't worry! We'll take care of that! You're like a sister to Jordan and I. We have your back!"

"What's going on down here?" the boys asked as we were jumping around in excitement.

"Marc! I'm so happy for you two! I know you guys will be the cutest couple in New York!" I screamed out.

"Thanks CJ! I really appreciate it! Jordan told me that you two would take care of her until the big move." Marc said.

"Hey, that's what I just got done telling LC!" I said giving Jordan a little shove.

"What can I say, great minds think alike babe!" Jordan said giving me a gentle kiss.

"It must be! Here lets do a toast, hun can you get the glasses?'

Jordan came back over with the glasses and we filled them up with the remaining wine.

"Here's to new adventues with the amazing people that we love!'

"Here, here!" we all cheered as we drank the wine. The boys finally got the fire started. We all sat around the fire and talked about our plans for tomorrow. Everyone was very excited about the bumper cars. LC told us how she had never been on one before so we knew she had to go! About an hour later, we decided to go inside and get some sleep. Tomorrow would be a big day, so it would be best to pack it in earlier than usual tonight. Jordan and I slept in his master bedroom, while LC and Marc slept in the large guestroom.

"I knew that guestroom would come in handy some day" Jordan said with a big grin on his face.

"Jordan, you're such a dork, but I love you." I said giving him a long, passionate kiss.

"Love you too, CJ." Jordan said as we climbed into bed.

"Thanks for the delicious dinner again"

"You're welcome. I'm really glad you and LC loved it." Jordan said wrapping his arms around me.

"Goodnight Jordan"

"Goodnight baby"

It didn't take very long for the two of us to fall asleep.

:::Next Morning:::

The sun was shining bright on my face as I began to wake up. Jordan was still sleeping in bed, so I decided to get a shower and make everyone breakfast. The hot water felt good against my skin and quickly woke me up. I went back into Jordan's room and found my bag that I had packed. I got dressed into a white tank and frayed blue jeans with a pair of black Puma shoes.


I went back into the bathroom to finish getting ready so I wouldn't wake Jordan up. I was straightening my hair when I heard someone knock on the door.


I opened the door to see LC standing there.

"Hey LC, how did you sleep doll?!"

"Pretty good! Hey can use the bathroom, I really gotta go!"

"Oh yeah sure!" I said as I stepped out of the bathroom. I went back into the bedroom to find Jordan starting to wake up.

"Morning boo" I said crawling into bed with Jordan.

"Hey babe. You look great!" he said giving me a kiss.

"Aww thanks. Do you want some eggs and bacon this morning?"

"Yes please! I'll be downstairs soon to help you"

"Okay, I'll see you down there!' I said walking out the door. LC was finished in the bathroom, so I hurried up with my hair and make up. I went downstairs and started getting everything ready for breakfast. The eggs were about done when Jordan came down from upstairs.

"Anything I can help with hun?" Jordan asked.

"Could you flip the bacon so it doesn't burn?"

"Of course!" Jordan said walking over to the stove.

Everything was about done, so I had Jordan go upstairs to let LC and Marc know breakfast was ready. A few minutes later all three of them were down.

LC's outfit:

"Take a seat guys, I'm putting the food on the plates right now"

I finished up getting the plates and set them on the table for everybody. "Alright dig in!" I said taking a seat.

"CJ, this is really good! Thanks so much!" LC said.

"Oh, its no problem!"

We all continued eating as the boys finished up the rest of the food. Marc offered to do this dishes so that we could get everything packed up. About half an hour later we were ready to go. The boys took Jordan's car over to my place, while LC and I took my car. I only had a few more boxes to pack up so I knew it wouldn't take long. Luckily, Morgan wasn't there so we didn't have to worry about her starting drama. It was around 11, when we finished up so we decided to go over to do the bumper car racing. There were only a few cars there so we didn't have to worry about waiting to use the cars. Marc and Jordan kept smashing into each other like LC and I had expected. We had a pretty good lead on the boys until they decided to fly up behind us. There was no way were going to let them win. It was the last lap around. Jordan and Marc ended up hitting each other again, so LC and I drove slowly across the line to tie for the win. LC and I couldn't stop laughing. We were all getting hungry again so we drove back to Mum's and ordered some pizza before we had to get ready for the airport.

Ever the Same

Marc P.O.V.

Jordan and I had finished up at the rink when he sent out the text to Casey.

"So what do you think we should all do for tonight?" I asked Jordan.

"The girls need a candlelit dinner with some wine out on the deck. Does that sound good?"

"Oh yeah! Want to do chicken parmesan and salad?"

"They will love that! Plus, we actually know how to make that!"

"What can I say, Mum taught us well!"

Jordan I walked into the market and bought all the ingredients for the dinner. We then drove to the liquor store to pick out a nice red wine. LC and I had both gotten out of relationships yesterday, so I didn't want to really rush anything, but I couldnt help falling for her quickly. Everything about her made me smile and incredibly happy. Jordan and I finally got back to the house and started making the dinner. We told Mum what we had planned for the night, she even offered to help us. Beisides, Mum's cooking was a million times better than anything Jordan and I could come up with. Mum finished up the salad and chicken while we got cleaned up for the girls. About half an hour later we finished up and LC called me.

"Hey Marc!"

"Hey LC are you and CJ on your way over to the cabin?"

"Yeah! I'm helping her pack up the rest of the stuff going to Pittsburgh. I really miss you!"

"I really miss you too babe. I can't wait to see you!"

"Me too! Do you want us to bring anything?"

"Nope, we have it all taken care of! You might want to wear jeans though, there's a chance it could be chilly."

"Aww thanks. Won't you keep me warm though?!"

"Of course I will! I'm just trying to say..."

"Don't worry, I was just kidding. I knew what you meant" LC said as began to laugh. "We'll see you guys in like twenty minutes. Ok?"

"Alright, we'll see you there!" I said as I then shut my phone.

"Wow! What was that all about bro?" Jordan asked. We were starting to load up the car with the blanket and some candles. "Let me guess, LC?!"

'Yep! She said they'll be at the cabin twenty minutes. We better get there soon, I don't want her thinking I'm a liar."

"Oh would you relax! You did tell them to wear jeans, right?"

"Well yeah, but still! We have to get this set up!"

"Don't worry, just add another ten minutes since they have to change." Jordan and I finished loading the food into the car.

"I hate to admit it, but you are right."

"Of course I am, now lets go!" Jordan said as we got into the car. Jordan played his obnoxious techno on the way over to the cabin making me want to jump out. We finally arrived at the cabin and started setting everything up. I handled all the food outside while Jordan got everything ready outside to make it look nice for the girls. Everything was about ready when I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door to find LC standing there.

"LC! You look amazing! I love the hair! How was your day?!" I said as I gave her a big hug.

"Thanks! It was great! CJ and I had a lot of fun! Is there anything I can help with?"

"Can you help me bring the food outside? I think Jordan has it ready out there."

"Aww great! What do you want me to take?"

"Could you get the salad out of the fridge? I'll get the chicken" I said as I gave her a kiss on the forehead.

"Sure! No problem!"

LC and I took the food outside to the picnic table to find Jordan and CJ pouring the wine into the glasses.

"Hey Case! You look really nice!"

"Aww thanks Marc! You two did a really great job setting this whole day up for us' CJ said.

"Well you two deserve it. We're both so lucky to have you both in our life." Jordan said.

"Are you guys ready to eat, cause I'm starving!"

"That's nothing new!' Jordan said as we began to eat.

"This chicken parm is delicious!' LC said.

"I know, right?! I love it when they cook!" CJ said.

"Thanks girls. We were hoping you would like it"

"Correction, we love it!" LC said as her and CJ high-fived each other.The four of us were eating and having a great time with one another. We finished up with dinner as the sun was about to set.

"Hey LC, I was wondering if you'd like to go out on the boat with me?"

"Sure, I 'd love to!" LC said as we both got up from the picnic table. I took her hand and led her out to the dock. I untied the rope for the boat and helped LC get into it. I carefully got in so that it wouldn't tip over on both of us.

"Thank you so much, Marc. It was really sweet of you to do this." LC said as I began to to paddle out to the middle of the lake.

"You're welcome. LC you're an incredible girl and I wanted to show you how much I like you."

"I really like you too, Marc. You came into my life at the perfect time" LC said as she gave me a kiss. I put the oars down inside the boat as LC laid on my chest while we watched the stars slowly appear into the summer night sky.