Friday, May 27, 2011

Is This How We Say Goodbye?

Are you serious, Case?" LC asked.

"Yeah of course I am! Believe me, you'll have so much fun! Jord, what do you think?"

"I think it's an excellent idea babe" as he leaned down and kissed my forehead. "You girls will have a blast!"

"Well what are you going to do about clothes? The flight is boarding in 15 minutes" Sid said while rolling his eyes.

"Oh no need to worry about that. She can borrow some of mine and we can shop for more!"

"Well LC what do you want to do?" Sid asked. "Stay here with me or go up to Ontario with CJ?"

"Here I come Thunder Bay!" LC cheered out as she gave me a hug.

"Sid, don't worry, Case will take good care of her." Jordan said.

"Come on LC, we need to hurry up and get your ticket! Do you have a passport? I'm paying, no questions asked!" I said.

"Aww thanks sso much CJ! You're too sweet! Yes, I do have it. I always keep it in my purse." LC said.

LC and I turned around to see both of our boyfriends making puppy dog eyes at us. "We'll miss you!"

"Jordan I'll miss you so much baby!" I said as he picked me up and kissed me.

"I love you CJ. I hope you girls have a great time!" Jordan said.

"Thanks babe! I love you so much! I'll see you soon!" I said as I gave him one last kiss before I would see him again.

"Love you! " Jordan said as I went to steal LC from Sid. I walked over to find the two starting to argue.

"Don't you trust me? I'm only going to be gone a few days, chill." LC said to him. I could see she was starting to get seriously upset so I decided to step in.

"Hey we better get going LC! We don't want to miss our flight doll." I said to her.

" I really wish you'd stay. I dont want anything to happen to you, I love you." Sid said to LC.

"You worry too much and it drives me nuts sometimes. Goodbye Sid!" LC said to him as she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Bye boys!" LC and I screamed back at them as we ran towards the ticket counter.

We quickly got her ticket and ran to the gate since the flight was now boarding. LC and I made it just in time.

"Wow, that was a close one!"

"You bet it was!" as we both started to laugh. "Thanks again, CJ"

"Oh it's no problem girl! Just promise me you're going to have a good time!"

"Hell yeah we are!" she said as we gave each other a high five.

"Hey is everything alright between you and Sid? It was a little tense back there." I asked her.

"I just don't know. Lately he's been really overprotective. I'm hoping this trip makes things clear for me."

"Aww I hope so too! Just relax, everything will be fine girl!"

"Thanks I really needed that"

"Lets get some sleep while we can."

"Sounds good"

LC and I put on our ipods and fell asleep. A few hours laters, the captain announced that we would be arriving in Thunder Bay shortly. Before we knew it, the plane touched down and the captain was announcing that we were now in Thunder Bay. LC and I walked to my car in the garage that I had left there the other day. It was only afternoon, so we decided to head to my dad and step-mom's to take my bags there. On the car ride over to the boys mum called and said she was planning on having a bonfire tonight. We finally arrived at the house to find nobody home, so we decided to shop and get new dresses for the bonfire. I took LC to the mall and we got new dresses. LC also bought some new clothes for her stay here

After some shopping, LC and I decided to head over to the Staal's to see if we could help Mum with anything.

"Case, I am so excited!" LC said.

"Mum is going to love you! Plus I think Marc and Jared will be there!"

"Aww I can't wait!"

"Girl you better get changed into that new dress when we get there! It looks great on you!"

"Pff no way, yours looks great on you!"

"Umm yes it does!"

"Truce?" LC said as she shruged her shoulders.

"Sounds good!" I said giving her a high five.

We arrived at the Staal's to find Mum cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

"CJ! It's so good to see you again honey! This must be LC!" Mum said as she gave both of us a hug.

"That would me! It's so great to meet you!" LC said.

"A friend of Casey's is always welcome here! So are you girls ready for the bonfire?" Mum asked.

"Oh just about. We're going to changed. We'll be right back Mum!" I said to Mum. "Here I'll show upstairs, LC. You can get dressed up here."

"Ok, thanks CJ!" LC said.

Lc's dress:

My dress:

LC and I grabbed our bags and went upstairs. I showed LC to Marc's room so that she could get dressed. I went into Jordan's and got dressed there. About ten minutes later we met each other in the hallway, ready to go.

"You look great LC!" I said to her.

"Thanks! You do too!" LC said.


We headed back downstairs to find Mum.

"You girls look awesome!" Mum said.

"Aww thanks Mum! I wish Jord and Eric could be here. Is there anything we can do for you?" I asked.

"Me too sweetie, but we'll see! Well there is one thing left to do if you girls don't mind doing." Mum said.

"Sure, anything. What is it?"

"Could you girls go pick up the alcohol? All you have to do is drive the truck down to the store and they'll fill the back of the truck up for you. I was there earlier today with the order." Mum said.

"No problem! Do you want us to get it now?" I asked.

"Yeah that'd be great! Here's the keys. Thank you girls so much!"

LC and I took the keys and went down to the truck. I started the engine up and we were on our way to town. It only took a few minutes to get down there. I pulled into the parking lot as we both got out and walked in.

"Hi, Mrs. Staal was in here earlier. We're here to pick up the order." I said to the man.

"Sure! Can I just have you sign here and we'll be out with the cases. She already paid for it earlier today" he said.

I signed the paper and handed it back to the man. "Thank you!"

"Your welcome! Have a great night ladies!"

LC and I went back out to the truck. A few guys started coming out with the cases and filled the back of the truck.

LC and I couldn't stop laughing. Mum had bought so much, we knew we were in for one hell of a night.

"Alright, that'll do it!" the man said as he came up to the window.

"Thank you!" LC and I said back to him. I started the engine back up and we were on our way to the house. We quickly arrived back to find Jared in the garage filling coolers with ice.

"Hey Jared! This is my friend LC. Wanna give us a hand with the beer?" I asked him.

"Don't worry I'll get it. Hey LC!" Jared said as he started grabbing the cases.
"Thanks Jared!" we both yelled back to him as we started to run inside to the house. LC and I made our way inside to find Marc and Morgan inside with Mum.


Marc!!! I've missed you!" I yelled as I ran and gave him a hug.

"CJ! Its so good to see you! Morgan and I were just showing Mum pictures of this place we're pretty sure we're getting. Who did you bring along?"

"This is my friend LC. I met her and Sid at the hotel in Pittsburgh. She said she's never been to Thunder Bay, so I had to bring her up! And let me see these pictures!" I said.

"Welcome to Thunder Bay, LC!" Marc said as he gave her a hug.

LC started to laugh, "Oh thanks!"

"Here I have them on my phone, CJ" Morgan said as she handed me her phone.

LC and I scrolled through them and then I saw what made my stomach cringe.

"The house looks amazing guys. Morgan can I see you outside for a sec?"

LC looked at me as she knew exactly what I meant by it.

"Yeah sure" Morgan said as we both headed out the door. "Case, you can't tell Marc."

"Morgan what the hell is wrong with you?! You whore, how could you cheat on him?!" I said.

"CJ, I know its wrong, but I love both of them." Morgan said.

"Are you serious right now?!" I said as I gave her a shove. "Marc is the best thing that ever happened to you! And with Tom?!"

"Shut up CJ. Just because Jordan is the only guy you've ever loved. Marc cannot find out." she said panicking.

"Bullshit Morg! You tell him right now before I do!" as I started to scream.

"Casey, you can't tell me what to do! I'll do what I want!" Morgan screamed right back at me.

Before I could say anything more to my whore step-sister, Marc and Lc were outside wondering what was going on.

"What is going on you two?!" Marc yelled.

"Tell him right now!" I yelled as tears started to come down my face. "He doesn't deserve this bullshit!"

LC ran over and gave me a hug.

"Babe what is happening? CJ's in tears while you look perfectly fine." Marc said to Morgan.

"Marc, I never meant to hurt you. Remember a few months ago when the season ended and we had Tom and the boys over for drinks?" she said.

"Umm yeah. Why?" Marc said with a look of confusion on his face.

"After you fell asleep, Tom and I started to talk, then one thing led to another. I don't know if you'll ever be able to forgive me" Morgan said just standing there.

"You fucked one of my best friends?! What the fuck Morgan?! After all these years together? Obviously it meant nothing!" Marc said as he started to choke up.

"I still love you Marc!" Morgan cried out.

"Morgan just go home! It's over. How can I ever trust you again?!" Marc said.

"I'm sorry! I can't help that I love both of you!" Morgan started to scream.

"You really need to go!" LC said as she then began to push Morgan down the driveway.

"Morgan, just fucking leave already!" I screamed at her.

LC pushed her all the way to the end of the driveway. Morgan finally starting up her car and leaving. Meanwhile Marc was sitting in the grass absolutely devastated.

"I really thought she was the one, CJ" Marc said.

"I never saw that one coming. I'm so sorry bud." I said as I gave him a hug. "We're all here for you if you need anything."

"Don't worry Marc, the trash is gone. You deserve so much better than that" LC said as she sat down beside us.

"Thanks guys. Both of you are really sweet ." Marc said as he put his arms around both of us.

:::a few hours later:::
:::LC's P.O.V.:::

I was so glad CJ had brought me up to Thunder Bay. The whole family was so nice and welcoming to me even though I was basically a stranger to them. CJ, Marc, Jared, and I were having a great time around the fire drinking beer and telling stories. Marc was so incredibly funny and sweet. I couldn't believe that Morgan could ever cheat on him. I guess some people don't know a good thing until its gone. It was around 10 whenever I saw the lights of a car pulling in. There was already about thirty people here. How many people had they invited? The music was blasting and we were all having a good time, so what was a few more people. A few upbeat songs started to play, more of my taste in music.

"Hey do you girls want to dance?" Marc and Jared asked CJ and I.

"Sure!" we both said as we got up to dance. We were all dancing close with each other and having a blast. I hadn't had this much fun in so long. The song was about over and we were all laughing histarically at Marc and Jared. Marc leaned in and gave me a hug.

"Thanks for making my night better, LC."

"Thanks for showing me a good time." I said back.

"You slut!" I heard someone scream. I knew that voice all too well. It was Sid. I turned around to see him running towards me. "Jordan and I took the next flight to see you two and then I see you hugging his brother?"

"What I was just giving a hug, Sid. He's had a rough day. Don't you ever call me a slut!" I screamed back at him.

"I don't care if he had a rough day LC. I don't want to see my girlfriend giving a guy she barely knows a hug. That is being a whore!" Sid yelled back at me.

I slapped him across the face, something I would have never done in a million years if I were sober. "You don't own me Sid! This is why I wanted to get away from you!" I screamed at Sid.

"Did you just hit me?!" Sid said.

"Hey now! Sid that is no way to talk to a girl. You had that coming." Marc said as he stepped in between us.

"Marc I don't want to hear it. You'd be pissed if your girlfriend was hugging another guy." Sid said to him.

"Actually I found out my girlfriend was the one who is the whore, not LC. She's an amazing girl." Marc said.

"Sid, this isn't why I brought you here. I thought you wanted to see LC and not be a jerk to her." Jordan said.

"I did! This is why I didn't want her coming her in the first place!" Sid said.

I was getting so upset that I started to cry. "Sid, I can't take this anymore. Everything is always such a big deal! I can't be your girlfriend if you're going to continue treating me like this!" I said to him.

"Fine be that way!" Sid said as he stormed off.

"LC, are you ok?" CJ said as she came running over to me.

"Yeah I'm alright. Thanks lovie." I said as I gave her a hug. "I'm going inside for awhile. I'll see you guys later."

"Ok hun. I'll be in soon. Don't worry." CJ said.

I started walking up the hill back to the house. I stopped in the garage and grabbed a beer. I was still in shock after what had happened.

"LC!" I heard a man's voice getting closer.

"Yeah?" as I turned around to look. It was Marc. "Thanks for standing up for me Marc, I really appreciate it."

"I couldn't let an amazing girl like you be treated like that" Marc said as he leaned in and kissed me. Marc wrapped his arms around me. "Everythings going to be fine, LC. I wont let anything happen to you like that ever again."

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