Friday, May 27, 2011

Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night

The pizza guy arrived shortly and we dug in. We ordered the bacon ranch chicken pizza and it was delicious! Jordan and I finished getting ready to go out with the crew. I was kindof nervous to meet everyone but also very excited. We got into the Escalade and turned on some music.

"So who do you think is all going, babe?" I asked Jordan.

"I know Geno, TK, Sid, and Flower are definitely going so that will be fun." Jordan replied.

"Oh good! Do any of them have girlfriends?"

"TK is dating Rachel, so she will be there. And Flower is engaged to Trista. I think you will really like those two."

Thank God there would be some girls there. I hope we become good friends fast so that I'll have them to hang out with during the road trips. We arrived at Matrix about ten minutes later. Sidney, Flower, and Trista were already there sitting at a bench.

"Hey guys!" Jordan and I yelled out to them.

"This is my girlfriend Casey from Thunder Bay." Jordan said as he introduced me to Flower and Trista.


Nice to meet you!" I said shaking their hands.

"And you as well! I was very excited to hear you are going to be staying here!" Trista said. "Rach is thrilled to meet you too!"

"Hey Flower and I are going over to get drinks, can we get you two something?" Jordan asked.

"Could you get me a Jack and Coke babe?"

"Yeah sure! Trista what about you?"

"How about a Corona? Thanks Jordan." Trista said.

"No problem!" Jordan said as he began walking over to the bar with Flower.

"Hey we should definitely go shopping sometime, Case. Rachel and I can show you around. There's lots of things to do around here!" Trista said.

"That sounds great! How about this weekend?"

"Perfect! It'll be so much fun!"

Jordan and Flower came back with our drinks while we sat back and talked for awhile. Geno arrived a few songs later and got everyone to start dancing. Jordan and I were laughing and having a great time. Sid tried to dance, but that didn't work out too well. We were dieing watching his attempts at dancing. Soooo funny! I didn't think Sid would be that funny! Jordan got a call from TK saying that him and Rachel were almost there. According to Jordan, TK was born late so it was nothing new that he was just arriving now. We all sat back in the booth and ordered some food while we waited for TK and Rach.

"Hey guys! Sorry we're so late!" Rachel said as her and TK squeezed into the booth.


It's no problem girl!We're glad you guys could make it!" Trista said.

"You must be Casey!" TK said as he leaned over and hugged me.

"That would be me! Nice to meet you Tyler!" I said. I felt like I was screaming at him since the music was really loud.

"So how's everything back in TBay?"

"Ohh not too bad, same old!" I said as I began to laugh.

"The best part is it never changes! That's where I met Rachel."

"You're from Thunder Bay?" I asked Rachel.

"Yeah! I lived there when I was kid then we moved back about a year ago!" Rachel said.

"That's awesome! TK, you can never leave this girl!"

"I wouldn't even think of it!" he said as he kissed her.

Jordan, Geno, Sid, and Flower came back from the bar with a round of drinks for us.

"Nice of you to show up TK." Geno said handing him a beer.

"Hey I'm here now!" Tyler said.

"Jordan, why didn't you tell me Rach is from back home?!" I said giving him a punch to the arm.

"I'm sorry babe, they used to live on the other side of town."

"No way!"

"Rachel do you know Morgan Duncan?"

"Of course I do! We were best friends in kindergarten!" Rachel said.

"That's my step-sister! Her mom married my dad when we were just starting high school!"

"I didn't know that! How is she doing?!"

"Umm alright I guess! I haven't talked to her in awhile!"

"Hey girls, do you wanna go dance?!" Trista asked practically pulling us out of the booth.

"Yeah! Lets go!" Rachel said.

All three of us ran out to the dance floor just as a Britney Spears song came on. We were screaming it at the top of our lungs as the boys sat back in the booth and clapped. I was so glad to have made some awesome friends like Rachel and Trista. After the song we ran back and grabbed the boys. Jordan took me by the hand as we started to dance together. I leaned in and kissed Jordan as he was turned facing me.

"Thanks for such a great night babe! I'm having so much fun!"

Jordan kissed me again. "Its no problem. I'm glad you're having a great time! I love you Case."

"I love you more Jordan!"

"Oh really??" Jordan said scooping me up into his arms.

"Why yes. May I ask where you are taking me, Mr. Staal?" I said giving him a kiss.

"Our place of course! I invited everyone over for some late night swimming."

"Well we better get there soon! We need to get there before everyone else!"

"Don't worry babe we will!" Jordan said as we got into his Escalade.

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