Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This Kiss

"Hi. I have a reservation under Casey Davis for tonight." I told the hotel clerk at the Marriott.

"Sure, let me look. Could I please have your ID to verify?"

"Of course" as I handed her my ID.

"Okay Miss Davis, you are in room 220 on the eleventh floor."

"Eleventh floor you said? Perfect."as I grinned from ear to ear. "Love that number."

"Here are the card keys for your room. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to call the service desk."

"Okay. Thank You!" as a grabbed my suitcase.

"We hope you enjoy your stay here in Pittsburgh."

"Oh I plan to! I'm seeing a very good friend of mine while here."

"Great! Have a good time!"


I walked over to the elevator and waited for it to come down. A minute later it finally came back down, to my surprise it was Sidney Crosby and his girlfriend. "Hey you look familiar. Do I know you from somewhere?" Sidney asked.

"Maybe" as I started to laugh. "Staalsy ring a bell?"

"Yes! I know who you are! You must be CJ from Thunder Bay! We've heard so much about you from him"

"That would be me! I lived down the street from the boys. I'm here surprising him. Please don't tell Jordan."

"You grew up with the Staals?" Sidney's girlfriend asked.

"Yep. They are pretty much my brothers." as I started to laugh.

"That is awesome! I'm LC by the way."


"It's really great to meet you both! Hey, I don't want to hold you two up with me blabbing about the Staals."

"Ha ha, the Staals never get old." Sidney said.

LC went over to the counter and grabbed a sheet of paper. She started scribbling something, but I couldn't see. "Here's my cell number. Give me a call/text so we can hang while you're here."

"Awe, that would be great! Thank you!"'

"Okay see you soon CJ!" Sid and LC said while walking towards the lobby entrance.

"Alright! Bye!" as I went into the elevator. I pushed the button for the eleventh floor as the elevator went up. The elevator door opened, room 220 was straight ahead of me. I slid the key card and I was in. I put my suitcase on the dresser and turned on TV. I jumped into the shower to feel a little refreshed after the plane ride. I could hear my phone going off a few times, so I hurried up. After getting dressed I checked my phone. 2 missed calls, Eric and LC both had left messages.

"Hey CJ, it's Eric. Just wanted to know if you made it to Pittsburgh alright. I'll talk to you later."

"Hi CJ! Sid and I were wondering if you wanted to go to dinner with us tonight? Give us a call back! Oh and this is LC! Bye!"

Dinner with LC and Sidney sounded great. I quickly called her back so that they could call in the reservation. While waiting for LC and Sid to pick me up, I unpacked my suitcase. On the bottom I found a picture of Jordan and I when we were in high school. We were such goofs, always getting in trouble for something. Didn't matter if we did it or not its not like we cared, as long as we were together. I called up Eric to let him know I had made it here safely.

"So did you see him yet?" Eric said.

"No. I'm heading out to dinner soon. Either tonight or after practice tomorrow."

"You might be better off tonight seeing him. He was telling me earlier that the boys have a meeting."

"Oh okay! Thanks Eric."

"No problem. You two better fucking be back together or else." as he started to laugh.

"Yes sir." as I continued laughing.

"Alright well have fun at dinner. And you better call us"

"Will do! Night Eric!"

"Night CJ."

It was almost time for LC and Sid to be here, so I quickly changed into something for dinner and fixed my makeup.

LC called and said they were on their way into the hotel.


"I'm coming!" as I opened the door.

"Hi LC! Hi Sid!"

"Hey CJ! You ready to go?"

"Yeah, let me grab my purse."

"Do you mind if I use your bathroom?" Sid asked.

"Oh sure. No problem" as I laughed.

"I swear it's a miracle he lasts the entire game without having to go" LC said.

"Ha ha oh Sid."

LC sat down on my bed as we waited for Sid. She had found the photo laying on the bed.

"Awe is this you and Jordan?! she asked.

"Ha ha yes. That picture is so embarrassing. We were both drunk off our asses."

"It's cute! You two are adorable together!"

Sid came out as we both jumped off the bed. "Ready girls?"

"Yep! Ready when you are babe!" LC said.

All three of us headed out the door and went to Sid's car. We arrived at the restaurant fairly quick since it was right down the street. Sid led the way as we went aside.

"Mr. Crosby, your table for three is right this way." the host said.

We followed the host back to a private area in the restaurant. "Thank you sir." as we took a seat.

"Your server will be with you shortly." as he handed us the menus.
"Hi, I'm Lucy. I'll be your server this evening. Can I start you off with something to drink?"

"What would you like Hun? CJ?"

"Ice tea please." I said.

"Me too" LC said.

"Okay could we please get 3 iced teas?" Sidney said.

"Sure. They will be right out."

"So, it is this your first time in Pittsburgh, CJ?" LC asked.

"No, I've been here a few times with the Staals to watch Jord play. I always loved it here."

"Well we are glad to have you back!" Sid said, as the waitress came out with our drinks.

"Thank you!" we all said.

"Are you ready to order or would you like a few more minutes?" the waitress asked.

"Baby, what are you getting?" Sid asked LC.

"Could I get the chicken with mashed potatoes?" LC said.

"Would you like salad or soup?" the waitress asked.

"Salad please with thousand island."

"Okay! Great!"

"CJ what would you like?"Sid asked.

"Could I get chicken alfredo?"

"Sure! Would you like the salad or soup?" she asked.

"Salad with raspberry vinaigrette please"

"Mr. Crosby what can I get for you?"the waitress asked.

"Can I get tonight's special of the pasta supreme?"

"Of course! Would you like salad or soup?" she asked.

"Salad is fine. Ranch dressing please?"

"Okay, thank you very much. Your salads should be right out." as she left.

"So CJ, what is going on with you and Jordan?" Sid asked.

"Well, I'm starting classes at Duquesne in a few weeks. I'm trying to get back with Jordan. I don't know what I'd do without him. He's my best friend."

"Congrats on Duquesne. That is amazing! I know he'll be thrilled to see you CJ. He always talks about you. Jordan said no one has ever come close to you" Sid said.

The waitress came back with our salads a we began to eat them.

"I just miss him so much. What we had was incredible." as I began to choke up.

"Aww don't you worry CJ. Everything is going to turn out just the way it's supposed to be." LC said.

"Thanks. I hope so too."

"You have nothing to worry about. I know he misses you too. I remember him telling me the biggest mistake he's ever made was when you two went on break. He wishes he would have never let that happen." LC said.

"I knew he was going to be a star from the first time I went to one of his games when we were kids. I didn't want to hold him back."

"Believe me. Jordan is nuts for you, CJ." Sid said.

"Haha okay Sid."

A few minutes later the waitress came out with our meals as we dug in.

"Wow! This is really great!" LC said. "How's your chicken CJ?"


"I'm glad you both are enjoying your meals.We haven't been here in a while. Jordan will have to come with us next time." Sid said.

"Sounds good Sid."

"And don't think you are paying for your food CJ. No way. Here's to new beginnings and new friends" Sid said as we clunked our iced teas together.

"Babe, your such an adorable dork." LC said.

"You love it!" Sid said.

"Of course I do." she said as they kissed.

"You two are so cute. Thanks for dinner, I really appreciate it."

"It's really no problem CJ. Would you like to come back to our place? Jordan lives right across the street." Sid asked.

"Yes! That would be great! What should I do? I kept changing my mind on the plane on what to do."

"I think you should just knock on his door and see what happens. If he's not home, we can always take you back to our place or the hotel." LC said.

"That sounds great hun! What do you think CJ?" Sid asked.

"I'm in! I'm already here and I cannot wait any longer" as I started to laugh.

"That's what I like to hear! You get your man, CJ!" LC said.

"I will!" as we all started to laugh.

Sidney paid for the meal and left the tip as we headed out to the door. The manager stopped us to warn us about these annoying girls that were waiting outside for Sid and suggested we used the back door. We took his advice and made it to the car quickly. On the car ride to Sid and LC's, I had major butterflies in my stomach. The moment I had been waiting for had finally come.We pulled into their driveway.

"CJ, are you ready?" Sid and LC asked.

"Yes. I just hope he's home."

"If you need anything we're here." Sid said.

"Thanks you guys!" as I got out of the car. I walked across the street and saw Jordan's escalade. It was just starting to get dark as I made it to the door.

*Knock*Knock *Knock*

I could hear him coming. I felt like I couldn't breathe. The man I had loved all my life was standing right behind the door. The door started to open.

"Casey!" as he picked me up and spun me around. "You're here!"

"Of course I am! I have missed you so much and I don't know how I've.." as he stopped and started to kiss me so passionately.

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